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It is time to reevaluate things. I have had to increase my Actos because of the steroid inhaler. Meds are now running about $150-$200 a month. Not exactly what I had in mind for this year. I am trying to … Continue reading

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9 Hours

What was I thinking? I am a glutton for punishment …no not really. I just tend to overdo when I am doing something I like. I really am going to have to find a way to juggle my study habits. … Continue reading

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I am so tired.

I have stacks of paperwork at work to process, stacks of books to read for class, stacks of research to do for papers and laundry to do. What do you think will win out? I hope to take the time … Continue reading

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Morning Madness

This morning I forgot to take any of my meds )c: That will get me nowhere fast. Didn’t realize that I hadn’t taken them until I was half way to the bus. Of course that got me a lecture from … Continue reading

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