Government Shutdown

No Laughing Matter

I am really upset with our government ….for a multitude of reasons.  The reality of a shutdown just goes to show that our legislative branch does not care about the individual.  Government workers — whether they work for a government agency, military, or as contract employees – are just like any other person in America’s population when it comes to their paycheck.  We still have to pay the mortgage, buy groceries and medication, and fill the car with gas.  So why should they be penalized for the differences in ideals between Democrats and Republicans?  This is a budget issue … sure, I get that.  But, to mess with someone’s daily lives and their credit rating just to push their personal agenda is unforgivable.

My safety net savings won’t cover much if the shutdown lasts more than a week.  Like many others we live from paycheck to paycheck.  Most of our “disposable” money is put into savings for retirement – which we wouldn’t be able to tap because there will be no one there to process our withdrawal.  They too work for the government.  It looks like we have no promises that the federal workers will get retroactive pay for time lost like they did in the 1995 shut down.

If this does happen – I hope that Americans everywhere feel the loss.  No mail, no vacation at the museums, no tax checks, no passport – and not to mention the problems retailers will have when 800,000 federal employees plus military personnel don’t have money to spend.  Maybe then someone will let the legislature know that passing a budget is about the real economy … on each American’s budget…not some lawmaker’s (and I use that term loosely) grandiose ideal.  After all – they are still getting paid.

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