Finally Framed

As we have been putting the house back together after last year’s fire, I decided that I was going to be very particular about what I hung on the wall.  Only things that I really loved or things that had some meaning to us would be used as decoration.  The walls were bare for six months — then we started adding things as we found the “perfect place” for things as we unpacked them.

This piece is a playbill for a one-man show we saw in Charlotte, NC back in 1982-83.  Vincent Price doing Oscar Wilde — it was a totally amazing performance in a small venue  called Spirit Square.  The play bill poster is in black and white in pen and ink style printed on a light weight poster board.  It has aged gracefully and is not at white as it was originally.  I had custom mats cut — a black inner mat with a textured outer mat in a close color to the cream/off-white that the poster has turned.  Finishing it with a simple black frame.  We have hung it in the living room and it is perfect.  I had to take the picture at an angle to keep from showing my reflection.

Spirit Square was a church that had been turned into a beautiful small theater by the Charlotte Theatre Company — very ‘intimate’ and easy to see and appreciate a performance of this kind.   As I was leaving I just happened to pass a stack of these small posters and picked one up.  I have carried this one around for over 20 years and now it has finally been framed, reminding me of a great performance by a very special actor.

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