Rolling Stones

For a long time now I have had a habit of capturing interesting photos as I run across them on the web.  Several years ago I found this one and it has resurfaced as I begin consolidating websites.  In the photo Mick Jagger is talking to Keith Richards — most likely about his snake skin boots.  I don’t know exactly when the picture was taken, but Brian Jones is shown in the background and his last formal appearance with the Stones was in December 0f 1968.

Brian Jones died on July 2, 1969 in a drowning incident at his home at Cotchford Farm, the former residence of children’s author, A.A. Milne.   How sad to drown in Winnie the Pooh’s swimming pool.

Both of these pictures were taken by Bill Wyman, bass player for the Rolling Stones.

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2 Responses to Rolling Stones

  1. blatter says:

    Wyman is the bass player, Charlie Watts is the drummer. By the way, great pic, and thanx for posting it.

  2. Martin Clayton says:

    The photo was taken during the filming of ‘The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus’ which was filmed on 11 December 1968 and went through the night into the next day.

    Bill Wyman was the bass player, Charlie Watts was (and still is) the drummer.

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