Love for the Home – Old and New

This desk has been a love of mine for a long time. It is now used by my Husband as he writes. It is a true writing desk. That is how my Dad designed and made it — for my Mom. It is made of solid South American mahogany and was designed and built circa 1958 while we were stationed in Cuba. Its clean lines and delicate proportions were definitely ahead of its time. It at one time had a matching, low back chair. Unfortunately, the chair’s fragile construction could not stand up to time and the many moves our family made. The desk has also been through a lot. I rescued it in pieces from my mother’s attic sometime in the early ’70s when she said she was thinking about cutting it up for decoupage boards. I don’t think she ever really fully appreciated it. After Merle and I were married, we had it refinished while we lived in Columbia, SC in 1979. It has followed us through all our moves, and was getting a little worse for the wear. The final straw was our house fire last year. When we got it back from the fire restoration group the legs had been put on wrong, one leg was splitting, and it was too wobbly to use. We decided immediately to have the desk refurbished! It now stands back in the living room ‘nook’ as beautiful as it can be. The refinishers did a wonderful job. The day we picked it up they told us it was a delight to work on such a great piece. It should last for many years to come.

My new love are two armless chairs for the living room. When we moved back into the townhouse after the fire I reoriented the living room and realized the chairs we had were too oversized. We love our dark brown leather sofa — and even though it is somewhat large, it is not over stuffed. I began the search for chairs. I wanted something less massive in size, easy to move and contemporary. Merle could not conceptualize ‘armless’ chairs and did not believe they could ever be comfortable. Luckily on one of our searching expeditions we found these chairs at Arhaus and I was struck! Even though the solid colors they displayed were nice … as soon as I saw this custom fabric I was hopelessly in love. The dark brown background compliments the leather sofa and the three colors of green in the design nicely goes with the color palette of the creamy-beige and green of the main floor. Added bonus!! Merle likes them (c:

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