Blog Post #13 – My Short Life as an Animator

When this class started I had no idea how much work animation entailed.  My first thoughts for my project was to do a flip book.  Of course, I thought.  I can do that — my daughter has done them since she was able to hold a pencil!  But my artistic genes are not in drawing.  Since pen and paper was out I looked at animation programs and found one that I thought would work — Animationsish.  It was simple — actually a child could do it.  After reading comments on the program, the recommendation of using wacom tablet sent me to the store to buy one. As the semester progressed and my life became more complicated I decided to ditch this idea because the learning curve was just too much for me to deal with.  After all — the Wacom tablet still entailed using a pen!

I finally decided to do stop-motion animation.  I was a lot more comfortable with my digital camera.  My subject would be the  Leggo Empire State Building.  After purchasing the last leggo kit Barnes and Nobel had in stock, I found a gorilla to climb it.  The next decision was to choose a program to help me build the animation.  I downloaded a trial copy of iStopMotion.

I loved my first series of pictures!  They were all in focus, good placement and because of the tall building shot vertically.  To my dismay when I dumped the pictures into iStopMotion it cut them all in half because it only accepted horizontal pictures )c:

I don’t think that the free download version had all the features of the original program.  Plus my learning curve was too steep and I had to reshoot the sequence.  After a lot of frustration I finally ended up with a 22 second animation, “I Love New York.”

Of all the animators that we have studied my favorite is Lotte Reiniger.  After putting together my class project with today’s technology, I am amazed at the patience and fortitude she had to create Prince Achmed.  I know that being an animator is not my calling in life, but I now fully appreciate those who are. Creativity abounds in their life!  And speaking of creativity …. my daughter ended up with the Wacom Bamboo pen and tablet (c:  

I have commented on the posts of Myca Taylor and Michael Morse.

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