Music Conversation

I have had an amusing conversation regarding music lately…same thread…different people:

Me: I really like Paramore’s new CD. I was really surprised to find out that they were from Franklin, Tennessee.

Jenny: Mom – not all musicians from Tennessee sing Country!

Later when passing this conversation along to Teresa her response is: That is why we have Devin in Nashville!

That thought made me smile (c:

I have been adding music to my iPod lately. I made the comment to my sister that if I died I hoped that they wouldn’t judge me by my playlist. It is so eclectic for someone my age. But I tired of the “Golden Oldies” after their 3rd rehash. Not that I don’t have a lot of classic rock on my iPod but I am not into the early rock of the 50’s as my husband is.

In the last several months I have added the following albums:

David Garrett by David Garrett (new twist on Classical violin – Rock!)
Twilight – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (my introduction to Muse and Paramore)
Leave this Town – Daughtry (will see them in concert next month)
Black Holes and Revelations – Muse (still reminds me of Queen)
Number Ones – Michael Jackson (in remembrance)
Brand New Eyes – Paramore (love this album – definitely not Country)
New Moon – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (still forming an opinion)
Street Talk – Steve Perry (oldie but not Golden)
Golden Hits – ABBA (ok this says Golden, but it is great for walking!)

One single – Moth Wings by Passion Pit. I found this on John Mayer’s website and thought it was great. Speaking of John Mayer – his new album Battle Studies will be released November 17th. I like is music – have all of his studio albums (I am not a fan of live albums) and have seen him in concert. I keep turning his twitter off and on these days – I can’t seem to get around his ego.

Needless to say, with music and audio books I stayed plugged in most of the time. We had a fire drill at work last week – they had to drag me out of my office because I couldn’t hear the noise (c:

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One Response to Music Conversation

  1. Angela says:

    We LOVE Paramore! And MUSE is AMAZING. Passion Pit is also very cool. I too have a very eclectic ipod and i think it is a great thing! We will have to get you to Nashvegas to hear more non-country from here 😉 LOVE!!

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