Pretty in Pink

For many years I shied away from certain colors: yellow, orange, red and pink. I remember telling my Mom that “I didn’t wear red.” I have found that I still look really sick in yellow and orange. I try to stay away from too much beige … because with my coloring I tend to fade to one color with beige! I have found that the right shade of red looks rather nice … usually a tomato red, something yellow based. But several seasons ago I fell in love with PINK. Not loud pink … but a soft shade of pink that seems to look good against my already pink based complexion. My first item of pink was bought two Fall season’s ago — a Ralph Lauren V-neck pullover short sleeved cable sweater that I loved. It has been well worn and needs to be discarded badly. But what to replace it with? As I was shopping this week for Jenny’s birthday presents I happened to find a perfect Jones of New York long sleeved shirt in just the right shade — they called it “cameo pink.” The cut of the shirt is classic, 100% cotton but easy care, and fit beautifully. Needless to say I bought it on the spot! I am trying really hard to build a decent wardrobe… piece by piece. Things that make me feel good regardless of size.

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