I hate prednisone!

Morning numbers:
Nov. 10 – 251
Nov. 9 – 148
Nov. 8 – 218
Nov. 7 – 214
Nov. 6 – 196
Nov. 5 – 113
Nov. 4 – 120
Nov. 3 – 110

At least I am still taking my numbers every morning. I have 3 more days after today of this stuff…all it does is make me hungry on top of everything else )c:

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One Response to I hate prednisone!

  1. OOF! I'm sorry the prednisone is being uncool, and hopefully the next 3 days will go by without too much of a headache. {hug} on the up side, I'm SO PROUD of you for taking your numbers every day!!! You're moving in the right direction, and I'm sure it's helping you see how your body is working. Keep it up, and hopefully things will start to work themselves out soon!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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