Reality — 2011

I have been looking at my bankbook, bills, the economy, Spring Schedule of Classes and reality has set in. Even though I really would like to graduate Spring 2010 it just isn’t going to happen. To be able to stay on schedule I would have to come up with almost $1000 after Christmas to take 1 extra class. Then another $1000 for a summer class. Next year my expenditures after my 6 credit waiver would be $1300 each semester because of lab classes. Unfortunately my wallet just can’t afford it. With the losses we have taken in our retirement during this economic crisis and with the economic outlook for the next year, I can’t afford to put it on credit. The Spring Schedule isn’t stellar so I am in a quandary on what I will take. I dropped my minor in Ancient Mediterranean Art and Architecture, that will make things a little easier. So I guess I will stick with my original plan — graduate 2011. I should be able to take the summer’s off and Mason will pick up most of the bill.

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