Angry Part I

Well, here I am today … Angry. In this rant I will address the problem of medication. I hate that the pulmonologist added 3 more medications to my daily routine. It seems like my cough is connected to my allergies and acid reflux. She also told me that I am borderline for having asthma. Great!! Just what I need!! In the last month I have had to take steroids and an antibiotic that is suppose to cure Anthrax. Now my list of daily medications include: Actos, Norvasc, Zyrtec, Baby Aspirin, Asmanex, Nexium and Flonase. The beginning of this year I wanted to start getting off of medication. Instead it has been a steady progression of adding things. I hate that I am not feeling well, and that every time I turn around that something else is wrong! It makes me want to cry. This morning the sink backed up, I couldn’t cook breakfast as I had planned. So now it is mid morning and I haven’t even started to try to work all these meds in. Some I have to take with food, some and hour before, etc. Timing is precarious. When you look at the stress of work, school, house, meds – is it any wonder I am just this side of schitzoid? And then the doctor said that I needed to get more sleep!!! Yeah, right )c: The rest of my rant can be found here.

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