Cough Drops and Caffeine

What a lethal combination! By the time I got home from class at 11:20 pm last night I was deathly ill. I didn’t think I would make it through Laura’s Irish Art class. I had used cough drops during Pompeii class and stopped on the way through the Johnson Center for a LARGE soy mocha and a scone. OMG!! I will never do that again. Even to day I feel like a Mac truck has run over and backed up over me several times. Which brings me to the state of my body. I am so annoyed that I hurt all the time and that I feel icky most of the time. When will this end? Even when I try to stay on target with my carbs, I walk a fine line between feeling well and being sick. Trying to space out medication and keep my stomach under control is still an issue. When I quit drinking sodas I was able to quit taking GIRD medication. But just the everyday meds that I take drive me crazy. I am glad that I am going for my physical on Friday. I had my blood work done on Monday at the hospital so it should be ready for the MD when I get there. I am falling apart!

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